Some stuffs

Any Ideas you have for New features to add to Yazak

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Some stuffs

Post by Viralwarez » Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:20 am

This would be my first post on this ID. and silly of me I just forgot my username but not my password..

so heres mine..

Client ID change at prefrerence Page 3 is so great..
but to add another option to change your Protocol/Version would be awesome..


An auto resume session?
could it be possible.. hmmm


dominance for the Voice?
so there I could call YazVox. hehe

the lock option was great, but i cat think of way of using voice ignore and voice ignore new strangers..
it seems like it will just ignore the user but never dominates..

(kinda liking the sound of that.... yazVox.. hehe)


some more boot protection?
yesterday i got booted.. and all I was looking up was just one ID.. i think that was a nwe exploit booter.. dunno.. but a protection for a Mass Pm works..


ghost always log in its self.. (got no time to change ID in ghost)


im blank headed now.. well this thread for what features I wanted to be added at yazak.. I dunt care if it takes time.. I know you all doing well.. yazak just right for me. .

regards.... tnx.

P.S - some new skin? :D

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